restricted access   Volume 36, Number 3, 1993

Table of Contents


The Critic as Autobiographer: Conrad under Leonard Woolf's Eyes

pp. 277-285

Conrad's Vision: The Illumination of Romance

pp. 286-302

The Muddle of Minutiae, or What Text Should We Read: The Case of an Omitted Paragraph in a Forgotten Conrad Book Review

pp. 305-321

Yeats's Vision Papers and the Problem of Automatic Writing: A Review Essay

pp. 323-336

Book Reviews

The Rise of English Studies in Britain

pp. 339-342

Robert Bridges Biography

pp. 342-346

A Reappraisal of Housman's Poems

pp. 346-348

A Walk with John Gray

pp. 348-351

The Sexual Politics of Urban Life

pp. 351-354

Women and the Bildungsroman

pp. 354-357

Hardy and Unorthodox Beauty

pp. 357-360

Closing a Career

pp. 360-363

Two on Conan Doyle

pp. 363-366

Trollope's Last Novel

pp. 366-369

Bloomsbury Gleanings

pp. 369-372

Conservatives of the Fin-de-Siècle

pp. 372-375

Aldington's Side of the Story

pp. 376-378

H.D.'s Hippolytus Temporizes

pp. 379-381

Culture Wars

pp. 382-384

The Apocalyptic in Lawrence

pp. 384-387

D. H. Lawrence Cambridge Edition

pp. 387-391

Joyce and Wagner

pp. 391-393

Essays on Finnegans Wake

pp. 393-396

A Joycean Standard Revised

pp. 396-399


pp. 400-402

Woolf and War

pp. 402-407

Books Received

p. 407