restricted access   Volume 36, Number 2, 1993

Table of Contents


Subjectivity and Story in George Moore's Esther Waters

pp. 141-157

Feminism, Pacifism and the Ethics of War: The Politics and Poetics of Alice Meynell's War Verse

pp. 159-177

Dora Marsden and The Egoist: "Our War Is With Words"

pp. 179-196

Book Reviews

Kipling and Children's Literature

pp. 199-204

Haggard Critical Edition

pp. 205-208

Gissing Letters III

pp. 208-212

Aesthetics and Eros in Wilde

pp. 212-218

Pater, Aestheticism and Deconstruction

pp. 218-222

James: An Intertextual Study

pp. 222-224

James and Modernity

pp. 224-228

Biography of the Age

pp. 228-230

Women and Social Action

pp. 230-235

The New Woman

pp. 235-238

Edwardian Childhood

pp. 238-239

Symbol and Method: Schreiner's Fiction

pp. 239-242

Women's Travel Writing

pp. 242-245

Detective Fiction

pp. 245-246

A Ghostly Seven

pp. 246-249

"Ulysses" and Justice

pp. 249-252

Wakean Annotations

pp. 253-255

Revisiting Joyce

pp. 255-258

Conrad's Cities

pp. 258-262

Lord Jim

pp. 262-264

Conrad and Literary Theory

pp. 264-268

Books Received

p. 269