restricted access   Volume 35, Number 4, 1992

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

p. 420


On His Honor: George Moore and Some Women

pp. 423-445

George Moore and the Amenities

pp. 447-461

Book Reviews

A Promising Career Behind Him?

pp. 463-466

A New Hopkins Biography

pp. 467-470

World War I

pp. 470-476

Gissing Letters II

pp. 476-480

Tragedy in Hardy's Poetry

pp. 480-482

Dialogic Imagination in Hardy

pp. 482-486

Strange Worlds, Lost and Found

pp. 486-487

The Reappearance of Miss Miles

pp. 487-490

A Life of Violet Hunt

pp. 490-493

Shaw's Book Reviews

pp. 493-497

Victorian Drama

pp. 497-499

R. L. Stevenson

pp. 499-501

Pre-Raphaelite Art & Literature

pp. 501-504

Walter Pater

pp. 504-506

Queen Victoria

pp. 507-509

Reason, Spiritualism, and Surrealism

pp. 509-513

The London Library

pp. 513-517

The MacCarthys

pp. 517-520

Academic Capitalism

pp. 520-522

Henry James

pp. 522-526

Two on Conrad

pp. 526-529


pp. 529-533

Postmodernizing Yeats

pp. 533-536

Yeats and Images of Ireland

pp. 536-537

Detective Fiction

pp. 537-539

Lawrence's Mythic Realism

pp. 539-542

Books Received

p. 543