restricted access   Volume 35, Number 3, 1992

Table of Contents


A Theme in the Early Work of Arthur Machen: "Degeneration"

pp. 277-287

"An Ideal Conception": Conrad's Nostromo and the Problem of Identity

pp. 288-298

Thomas Hardy the Obscure: Hardy's Final Fiction

pp. 300-308

Review Essay

Sources of the Modern Imagination: A Review Essay

pp. 311-323

G.B.S., Act III

pp. 325-329

A Biography on Butler

pp. 329-332

The Glimmering Edge of Awareness

pp. 332-336

Ella D'Arcy: Letters

pp. 336-338

Hardy's Fables of Self

pp. 338-341

The Topographical Lexicon

pp. 341-345

T. E. Lawrence

pp. 345-347

Shaw the Dramatic Artist

pp. 347-350

Yeats and New Historicism

pp. 350-354

Late 19th Century Criticism in Context

pp. 354-358

Sex and the Working Class

pp. 358-360

The Vanishing Subject

pp. 360-364

The Myth of First Love

pp. 364-367

Modernism on the Couch

pp. 367-369

Rebecca West

pp. 369-371

Conrad's Major Novels

pp. 372-374

Modernism, Conrad & Co.

pp. 374-378

Feminist Criticism

pp. 378-381

Virginia Woolf

pp. 381-383

Mrs. Dalloway

pp. 384-385

Feminist Postmodernisms

pp. 386-389

H.D. and the Politics of Gender

pp. 389-393

Ulysses Through Comic Eyes

pp. 393-395

Two on Joyce

pp. 395-400

Irish Popular Theatre

pp. 400-402

Lawrence and Literary Theory

pp. 402-406

Two on Lawrence

pp. 406-411

D. H. Lawrence

pp. 411-412

Books Received

p. 413