restricted access   Volume 35, Number 2, 1992

Table of Contents


Arnoldian Culture in Transition: An Early Socialist Reading

pp. 141-161

Marie Corelli and Fin de Si├Ęcle Feminism

pp. 163-178

Ella D'Arcy: A Commentary with a Primary and Annotated Secondary Bibliography

pp. 179-211

Book Reviews

Kipling's 'Something of Myself'

pp. 213-215

James & Revision

pp. 215-221

Essays on Wells

pp. 221-224

Fictional Structure and Ethics

pp. 224-226

Hardy the Writer

pp. 227-231

A Style is Born

pp. 231-234

Conrad and Skepticism

pp. 234-237

Conrad Letters IV

pp. 237-240

Detective Fiction & "High" Literature

pp. 240-242

Gosse's Portraits

pp. 242-246

Bloomsbury Inc.

pp. 246-249

Art Nouveau

pp. 249-252

Lawrence Biography, I

pp. 252-256

D. H. Lawrence

pp. 256-259

Blake & D. H. Lawrence

pp. 259-263

Lansbury, Socialism and Feminism

pp. 263-266

Douglas Hyde & Ireland

pp. 266-268

The Ruin of Parnell

pp. 268-270

Irish Popular Culture

pp. 270-272

Books Received

p. 272