restricted access   Volume 35, Number 1, 1992

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 3-4


p. 4


Picturing Dorian Gray: Resistant Readings in Wilde's Novel

pp. 7-25

Aesthetic Memory's Cul-de-sac: The Art of Ernest Dowson

pp. 26-53

Pastoral Patterns in the Early Poetry of T. Sturge Moore

pp. 55-71

Book Reviews

Max and Biography

pp. 73-76

Mrs. Humphry Ward

pp. 76-80

Sexual Anarchy

pp. 80-83

Gay Fictions

pp. 83-86

Wilde and the Theatre

pp. 87-89

T. E. Lawrence Authorized Biography

pp. 89-93

Hardy's Visualizations

pp. 93-96

Letters: Stevenson & Lang

pp. 96-100

The French Conrad

pp. 100-103

A Conrad Biography

pp. 103-107

Condrad's Oedipal Dilemma

pp. 107-109

Cultural Studies

pp. 109-116

The Poetry of Restraint

pp. 116-120

Gerard Manley Hopkins

pp. 120-123

Narrative Technique

pp. 123-125

Bridges Updated

pp. 125-127

Yeats Exegesis Catalogued

pp. 127-129

Kermode's Uses of Error

pp. 129-132

Post Modernism

pp. 132-136

Books Received

p. 136