restricted access   Volume 34, Number 3, 1991

Table of Contents


Possibilities of Completion: The Endings of A Passage to India and Women in Love

pp. 261-280

Acquired Characters: Cultural vs. Biological Determinism in The Way of All Flesh

pp. 283-292

Rebecca West's Ironic Heroine: Beauty as Tragedy in The Judge

pp. 295-308

The Manuscript Synopsis of Lord Raingo: A Picture of Bennett the Writer

pp. 311-321

Book Reviews

Encounters with Conrad

pp. 323-326

Voice in Narrative

pp. 326-329

Hardy's Selected Letters

pp. 329-334

Focus on Butler Scholarship

pp. 334-337

The Torrid and the Frigid

pp. 337-340

Robert Ross and Oscar Wilde

pp. 341-343

William Morris

pp. 343-346

Walter Pater

pp. 346-349

The Religion of Art

pp. 349-352

The New Woman

pp. 352-353

A History of English Sexuality

pp. 354-356

A Bloomsbury Diary

pp. 357-361

Bloomsbury Women and L'Écriture Féminine

pp. 361-366

James, Joyce and Woolf

pp. 366-369

The Great War

pp. 369-372

Lawrence's Later Novels

pp. 372-376

Essays on Lawrence

pp. 377-381

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 381-382