restricted access   Volume 34, Number 2, 1991

Table of Contents


Beerbohm's Seven Men and the Power of the Press

pp. 133-151

Discrepancies in the Time-Scheme of The Good Soldier

pp. 153-164

A Reassessment of George Moore's Achievement in The Brook Kerith

pp. 167-180

Wilfred Owen and the Social Question

pp. 183-195

Book Reviews

G.B.S.: Collected and Recollected

pp. 197-200

Shaw and the Comic Sublime

pp. 200-202

Alfred Sutro

pp. 202-204

Arthur's Web

pp. 205-208

Two on Kipling

pp. 208-212

Reconstructing Hardy

pp. 212-216

Murry and Mansfield

pp. 217-222

Contexts for Modernism

pp. 222-226

New Women

pp. 226-229

Conrad's "Honourable Failure"

pp. 229-232

Conrad II: A New Bibliography

pp. 232-235

The English Novel: 1875-1914

pp. 235-237

The Literature of Estrangement

pp. 237-240

T. E. Lawrence

pp. 240-242

Ellmann Memorial Volume

pp. 243-245

Defending the Phallic Imagination

pp. 245-248

The Reflective Will

pp. 248-251

Poetry, Theory, and Critical Cases

pp. 251-255

Books Received

p. 255