restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, 1991

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 4-5


Hardy and Kipling's "They"

pp. 7-16

Adolescent Pornography and Imperialism in Haggard's King Solomon's Mines

pp. 19-30

A Sympathetic Vibration: Dracula and the Jews

pp. 33-44

Re-Forming the Novel: Politics, History and Narrative Structure in The Revolution in Tanner's Lane

pp. 45-69

Book Reviews

Pater's Tightrope

pp. 71-75

William Morris

pp. 75-78

Looking into the 1890s

pp. 78-81

Conformist Rebel: Oscar Wilde

pp. 82-85

Art and Literature

pp. 85-88

Essays on Kipling

pp. 88-92

Novelists in Youth

pp. 92-95

The Man Who Was G. K. C.

pp. 95-98

Chesterton and Lewis

pp. 98-100

A Photographic Record

pp. 100-1001

Essays on Hardy

pp. 101-106

Modern Bards

pp. 106-111

A Remarkable Life: Maude Royden

pp. 111-116

Joycean Variety

pp. 116-119

Lawrence: "Ready for Anything"

pp. 119-123

James's Daisy Miller

pp. 123-125

Two Yeats Collections

pp. 125-127

Books Received

p. 127