restricted access   Volume 33, Number 4, 1990

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

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Taking Up With Kanakas: Stevenson's Complex Social Criticism in 'The Beach of Falesá'

pp. 407-422

An End to Novel Writing: Howard Overing Sturgis

pp. 425-441

The 'Literary', Aestheticism and the Founding of English as a Discipline

pp. 443-453

Book Reviews

Seymour-Smith's Rudyard Kipling

pp. 455-457

Kipling and India

pp. 457-460

Gerard Manley Hopkins

pp. 460-462

Ellmann's Oscar Wilde

pp. 463-465

Much About Elusive Barrie

pp. 465-468

The Hardy Letters Conclude

pp. 468-472

Hardy's Men and Women in Love

pp. 472-473

Two on James

pp. 474-478

Shaw on Photography

pp. 478-480

The Neglected Plays of G.B.S.

pp. 480-487

Shaw Offstage

pp. 487-491

Conrad and the Publishing World

pp. 491-494

Andrew Lang

pp. 494-497

Censorship of the Arts and the Press

pp. 497-499

The Ninth International Symposium

pp. 499-504

The Resonant Texts of Joyce's Sexuality

pp. 504-507

Women Writing Autobiography

pp. 507-511

An Encyclopedic View of the Woman Question

pp. 511-515

Feminist Theory

pp. 515-518

New Journalism, 1850-1914

pp. 519-522

Mayor of Casterbridge

pp. 522-524

Books Received

pp. 524-527