restricted access   Volume 33, Number 3, 1990

Table of Contents


Three Stories by George Gissing: Lost Tales from Chicago

pp. 277-282

The Portrait

pp. 283-287

The Mysterious Portrait

pp. 287-291

The Picture

pp. 291-294

Annotated Bibliography: Gissing's 1877 Short Stories in the United States

pp. 295-296

Writing and Memory in The Mayor of Casterbridge

pp. 299-309

Wilde's 'Trumpet Against the Gate of Dullness': 'The Decay of Lying'

pp. 311-323

Book Reviews

Lancing G. B. S.

pp. 325-329

Essays on Kipling

pp. 329-332

Hardy the Poet

pp. 332-336

Thomas Hardy and Religion

pp. 336-339

Parity of the Sexes

pp. 339-343

Beerbohm and Parody

pp. 343-345

The Symons Renaissance

pp. 345-348

A Life of Richard Aldington

pp. 348-353

The Spirit of Biography

pp. 353-356

Yeats and the Rhymers

pp. 356-358

Gissing and New Influences

pp. 358-361

Shaw on Stage

pp. 361-363

Conrad's Avatars and Self Reflexive Urges

pp. 363-369

Bloom's Conrad

pp. 369-374

The Sitwells in Perspective

pp. 374-377

Ulysses, the Comic Tradition, and Common Sense

pp. 377-380

Essays on Ulysses

pp. 380-383

Joyce and Chaosmos

pp. 383-386

D. H. Lawrence

pp. 387-391

Kenner's Canon

pp. 391-394

Yesterday and Today: Feminist Criticism

pp. 394-396

History and the Era

pp. 396-398

Books Received

p. 399