restricted access   Volume 33, Number 2, 1990

Table of Contents


Comparing Mythologies: Forster's Maurice and Pater's Marius

pp. 141-153

Remembering Sir Henry Newbolt: An Essay and Bibliography

pp. 155-178

A Portrait of Ford Madox Ford: Unpublished Letters from the Ford-Foster Friendship

pp. 181-184


pp. 184-196


pp. 196-207

Book Reviews

Yeats and the Automatic Writing

pp. 209-212

Yeats and Sophocles

pp. 212-214

Inside Stone Cottage

pp. 214-218

Yeats and Joyce

pp. 218-221

Annotated Critical Bibliography of Hardy

pp. 221-223

Woolf and Academic Folklore

pp. 223-225

Women Writers and Modernism

pp. 226-228

Modernism and Feminine Fatalism

pp. 228-232

Breaking the Angelic Image

pp. 233-236

The Famous and the Not So Famous

pp. 236-239

British Drama, 1890-1950

pp. 240-242

Generic Modes and Historical Moods

pp. 242-245

Aaron's Rod

pp. 246-249

Lawrence's Poetry

pp. 249-253

Guides Through Ulysses

pp. 253-257

I. A. Richards and Humanistic Criticism

pp. 257-263

The Search for Meaning

pp. 263-265

Words about Formalism, Poststructuralism, and Illusion

pp. 266-270

Books Received

p. 270