restricted access   Volume 32, Number 4, 1989

Table of Contents

George Gissing

Editor's Fence: Essays on Gissing

pp. 404-405

Essays on Gissing

Recent Work and Close Prospects in Gissing Studies: A Bibliographical Survey

pp. 407-417

Gissing's Reminiscences of His Father: An Unpublished Manuscript

pp. 419-439

The Literary Affinity of Gissing and Dostoevsky: Revising Dickens

pp. 441-453

The Teller Not the Tale: George Gissing and Biographical Criticism

pp. 454-470

Book Reviews

G.B.S.: Oedipal Energies and Love's Artful Dodger

pp. 471-475

A Third Generation of E. Nesbit Biography

pp. 475-478

The Impressionist as Historian

pp. 478-482

Gosse and James: The Epistolary Record

pp. 482-485

British Autobiographers

pp. 485-487

Modernist Conjectures

pp. 487-490

Myth of the Modern

pp. 490-494

Tracking Stevenson

pp. 494-496

Buchan's Richard Hannay

pp. 496-498

Tauchnitz: More than 40 Million Volumes

pp. 498-501

The Short Story in the 90s

pp. 501-504

Of Modernism and Wells

pp. 504-506

Edward Thomas

pp. 506-509

Lady Gregory

pp. 509-511

Synge's Playboy

pp. 511-515

Modern Critical Interpretations of Shaw

pp. 515-518

The Plumed Serpent

pp. 518-520

James's Indirect Vision

pp. 520-524

Gothic Manners

pp. 524-526

W. B. Yeats

pp. 527-529

Poets and Language

pp. 529-532

Books Received

Books Received

p. 532

Drawings by Dug Weston

Drawings by Dug Weston

pp. 418-440