restricted access   Volume 32, Number 3, 1989

Table of Contents


p. 276


Building a Bulwark Against Despair: "The Critic as Artist"

pp. 279-289

Method in Madness: Ronald Firbank's The Flower Beneath the Foot

pp. 291-300

The Spirit of The Good Soldier and The Spirit of the People

pp. 303-316

Book Reviews

Shavian Self-Portrait Complete

pp. 317-323

Two on Wells

pp. 323-326

Bennett, Wells, Conrad

pp. 326-329

James, Conrad, Forster

pp. 329-332

Introducing Conrad

pp. 332-334

Hardy's Short Stories

pp. 334-336

Oscar Wilde

pp. 336-338

The Importance of Being Earnest

pp. 338-341

The Dandy and the Herald

pp. 341-344

Arthur Symons

pp. 344-347

Letters: Lionel Johnson

pp. 348-349

England in the 1880s

pp. 350-352

Rose Macaulay

pp. 352-354

The Actress in Her Time

pp. 355-357

Shaw and History

pp. 358-360

Memoir of Maurice Magnus

pp. 360-364

The Stephen Sisters: Ut Pictura Poesis

pp. 364-367

Two on Woolf

pp. 367-371

Two on James

pp. 372-375

Joyce's Ulysses

pp. 375-378

Confessions of a Joycean Opium Eater

pp. 378-383

Joyce and Blake

pp. 384-387

Critical Theory

pp. 387-390

The Bloom Cosmology

pp. 391-394


pp. 395-396

Briefer Mention

pp. 396-397

Books Received

p. 398

Drawings by Dug Weston

pp. 278-302