restricted access   Volume 32, Number 1, 1989

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 4-5


p. 5

Drawings by Dug Weston

pp. 6-34

The Intellectual Development of T. E. Hulme

pp. 7-25

Brasenose Revisited: Pater in the 80s

pp. 27-32

Figuring in History: The Reputation of Edward Carpenter, 1883-1987 Annotated Secondary Bibliography, I

pp. 35-64

Book Reviews

George Moore Letters

pp. 67-70

Scaling Everest: A Secondary Bibliography of GBS

pp. 71-75

British Literature and Imperialism

pp. 75-78

War Poets

pp. 78-80

Edward Thomas

pp. 80-84

British Social History

pp. 84-86

John Gray's Poems

pp. 86-88

Gissing's Notebook

pp. 88-90

Max Beerbohm

pp. 91-93

Granville Barker

pp. 93-98

Conrad Letters III

pp. 98-101

Conrad's Shorter Fiction and Novels

pp. 101-104

E. M. Forster's Shorter Fiction and Essays

pp. 105-106

Bloom's Return of the Native

pp. 106-107

Yeats and Ireland

pp. 108-110

Exiles of Erin

pp. 110-113

Daleski's Lawrence

pp. 113-117

Lawrence: Myth and Metaphysic

pp. 117-119

James Joyce

pp. 120-122

Style as Ideology

pp. 122-125

Julia Stephen's Prose: An Unintentional Self-Portrait

pp. 125-128

No Man's Land

pp. 129-133

Briefer Mention

pp. 133-135