restricted access   Volume 30, Number 3, 1987

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fence

pp. 260-261

Lionel Johnson's Letters to Charles Sayle

pp. 263-264


pp. 264-278

Edward Carpenter, Forster and the Evolution of A Room with a View

pp. 279-301

Medieval Max and Zuleika Dobson

pp. 303-307

Music and Hardy's Poetry

pp. 308-321

Book Reviews

Conrad Review Essay: Illegitimacy, Pattern and the Status of Self

pp. 322-332

Shaw's Letters to Trebitsch

pp. 333-336

G.B.S. as a Correspondent: Eruption No. 3

pp. 336-338

Two on Kipling

pp. 338-340

A New Anthology

pp. 341-343

Conrad Letters, II

pp. 343-345

Hardy and the Visual Arts

pp. 345-347

Henry James

pp. 348-353

Forster Bibliography

pp. 353-355

Hardy's Heroines

pp. 355-358

H.D.'s Career

pp. 359-362

Frederic Harrison

pp. 362-365

The Short Story

pp. 365-366

Chesterton and Science

pp. 366-368

D. H. Lawrence and Biography

pp. 369-372

Feeling and Victorian Fiction

pp. 372-375

Science, Literature, Women

pp. 375-378

Briefly on Pinero

p. 379

Literary Theory

pp. 380-383

Briefer Mention and Books Received

Briefer Mention

p. 383

Books Received

pp. 383-384



pp. 385-392


Drawings of Lionel Johnson and Max Beerbohm By John Ellis

pp. 262-302