restricted access   Volume 30, Number 1, 1987

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 3-5

Some New Drafts of a Wilde Play

pp. 7-15

Some Elements of Truth in the Short Stories of Somerville and Ross: An Appreciation

pp. 17-25

The Source of the Christian River: The Function of Memory in George Moore's The Brook Kerith

pp. 27-37

The Perfect Wagnerite: Shaw's Reading of the Ring

pp. 39-47

Misleading Accounts of Aldington and H.D.

pp. 49-67

Impudence and Iconoclasm: The Early Granta and an Unknown Roger Fry Essay

pp. 69-79

Book Reviews

The Dark Eminence of Modernism

pp. 81-85

A Study in Sir Richard Burton

pp. 85-87

Walter Pater

pp. 87-92

Two Collections on Forster

pp. 92-95

Shaw: A Critical View

pp. 95-97

Temperament of the Edwardians

pp. 97-99

Joyce's Dubliners

pp. 99-101

O'Casey Annual

pp. 101-104

Two Books on Irish Literature

pp. 104-109

J. M. Synge

pp. 109-111

Conrad and Dialogue

pp. 111-113

Empson on Biography

pp. 114-115

Samuel Butler

pp. 115-117

Victorian Periodicals

pp. 118-120

The Nineteenth-Century Novel

pp. 120-123

Briefer Mention and Books Received

Briefer Mention

pp. 124-125

Books Received

pp. 125-126