restricted access   Volume 29, Number 4, 1986

Table of Contents


p. 350

"An Episode in the Life of Jenny Lane"

pp. 351-359

"Apollo in Picardy": Pater's Monk and Ruskin's Madness

pp. 361-370

Arnold Bennett and Archibald Marshall: Two Letters from a Forgotten Literary Friendship

pp. 371-377

Foreign Correspondence on Recent Hardy Scholarship in Japan: Bibliographical Commentary III

pp. 379-385

A Note on Arizona State University's George Moore Collection

pp. 386-387

T.E. Hulme: An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Him

pp. 388-428

Book Reviews

Theory of Biography

pp. 429-431

Thomas Hardy's Life and Poetry

pp. 431-435

Lawrence and Hardy Annotated Bibliographies

pp. 435-437

Max Beerbohm

pp. 437-439

Lawrence and Lowell Letters

pp. 439-442

Forster's Commonplace Book

pp. 443-444

Letters of Oscar Wilde

pp. 444-447

Late Victorian Novels and Terrorism

pp. 447-449

Turn-of-the-Century Speculative Fiction

pp. 449-451

Sorley's Life and Poetry

pp. 451-453

Hudson and Gissing

pp. 453-455

Counter Culture

pp. 455-457

Men, Feminism, and Criticism

pp. 457-459

Briefer Mention and Books Received

Briefer Mention

pp. 459-460

Books Received

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