restricted access   Volume 29, Number 3, 1986

Table of Contents

Editor's Fence

pp. 238-239


p. 239

Conrad Criticism Today: An Evaluation of Recent Conrad Scholarship

pp. 241-275

John Buchan and the Path of the Keen

pp. 277-286

Ford Madox Ford and the Christina Rossetti Influence

pp. 287-296

Epiphany in Pater's Portraits

pp. 297-308

A New Letter from Lionel Johnson

pp. 309-310

Book Reviews

More by Forster

pp. 311-317

The Tragic Ibsen Versus the Comic Shaw

pp. 317-320

George Moore's Short Stories

pp. 320-322

Max Beerbohm

pp. 322-324

D. H. Lawrence's Non-Fiction

pp. 324-328

Lawrence and Class Conflict

pp. 328-331

Essays on Conrad

pp. 332-334

Conrad and American Writers

pp. 334-335

James and his Criticism

pp. 335-338

The Double

pp. 338-340

British Literary Magazines

pp. 340-342

Briefer Mention

pp. 343-344

Books Received

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