restricted access   Volume 29, Number 1, 1986

Table of Contents

Rudyard Kipling

Editor's Fence

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News and the Muse: Press Sources for Some of Kipling's Early Verse

pp. 7-16

The False Structure

pp. 19-27

Kipling and the War: A Reading of Debits and Credits

pp. 29-39

What Happens in "Mary Postgate"?

pp. 41-47

Hesitation in Kipling's "The Phantom 'Rickshaw"

pp. 48-53

Suppression, Textuality, Entanglement, and Revenge in Kipling's "Dayspring Mishandled"

pp. 54-63

Thor and Tyr: Sacrifice, Necessary Suffering and the Battle Against Disorder in Rewards and Fairies

pp. 64-75

Kipling's Jane: Some Echoes of Austen

pp. 76-82

Kipling in the Libraries

pp. 83-90

Book Reviews

Kipling Companion

pp. 91-92

Hardy's Letters Continued

pp. 92-95

The Study of Autobiography

pp. 96-97

Short Fiction

pp. 98-100

Memoirs of Symonds

pp. 100-101

Recent Works on Conrad from UMI Research Press

pp. 101-103

Modernism from Late-Nineteenth Century Culture

pp. 104-105

Irish Dramatists

pp. 105-107

Briefer Mention and Books Received

Briefer Mention

pp. 108-109

Books Received

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