restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, 1984

Table of Contents

"Essays in Marius"

Essays on Marius

Edited in Conjunction with Gerald Monsman and Ira Nadel

Stopping the Press in Marius

pp. 90-99

The Emergence of Pater's Marius Mentality: 1874-1875

pp. 100-123

The Critical Reception of Pater's Marius

pp. 124-139

The "Fictional" and the "Real" in Marius

pp. 140-148

Special Collections Report: The Pater Collections in Oxford

pp. 149-151

Special Collections Report: The Pater Manuscripts at Houghton, Harvard University

pp. 152-155

Book Reviews

An Important Edition of Tess

pp. 156-158

Reading Pilgrimage

pp. 158-161

The Dilemma of Decadence

pp. 161-163

Mostly Concerning Forster

pp. 163-168

Anglo-Irish Research

pp. 168-170

A Rejoinder by Ian Fletcher

pp. 170-171

Yeats and Women

pp. 171-173

Lawrence's Apocalyptic Imagination

pp. 173-176

A Recent Bio-Critical Study of Yeats

pp. 176-177

Briefer Mention

Briefer Mention

pp. 178-179

Books Received

Books Received

p. 180