Volume 27, Number 2, 1984

Table of Contents

"Essays in Marius"

Essays on Marius

Edited in Conjunction with Gerald Monsman and Ira Nadel

Stopping the Press in Marius

pp. 90-99

The Emergence of Pater's Marius Mentality: 1874-1875

pp. 100-123

The Critical Reception of Pater's Marius

pp. 124-139

The "Fictional" and the "Real" in Marius

pp. 140-148

Special Collections Report: The Pater Collections in Oxford

pp. 149-151

Special Collections Report: The Pater Manuscripts at Houghton, Harvard University

pp. 152-155

Book Reviews

An Important Edition of Tess

pp. 156-158

Reading Pilgrimage

pp. 158-161

The Dilemma of Decadence

pp. 161-163

Mostly Concerning Forster

pp. 163-168

Anglo-Irish Research

pp. 168-170

A Rejoinder by Ian Fletcher

pp. 170-171

Yeats and Women

pp. 171-173

Lawrence's Apocalyptic Imagination

pp. 173-176

A Recent Bio-Critical Study of Yeats

pp. 176-177

Briefer Mention

Briefer Mention

pp. 178-179

Books Received

Books Received

p. 180