restricted access   Volume 27, Number 1, 1984

Table of Contents

"Essays in Marius"

Editors' Fence

pp. 2-3


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Essays on Marius

Edited in Conjunction with Gerald Monsman and Ira B. Nadel

In Way of Introduction: Marius Past and Present

pp. 5-10

Typology as Narrative Form: The Temporal Logic of Marius

pp. 11-33

Autobiography as Fiction: The Example of Pater's Marius

pp. 34-40

The White Bird in the Marketplace: Animula Vagula, Anima Christiana

pp. 41-51

Marius and the Varieties of Stoic Will: "Can the will itself be an organ of knowledge, of vision?"

pp. 52-62

Book Reviews

Walter Pater

pp. 63-64

The Many Lives of G. B. Shaw

pp. 64-67

Sanitizing Chesterton

pp. 67-68

Reassessing Stevenson

pp. 68-71

The Twayne Gissing

pp. 71-73

Literary Criticism and the "Worldly Text"

pp. 73-76

A Reassessment of John Galsworthy

pp. 76-80

On the Possibility of Truthful Understanding

pp. 80-82

Lawrence and Travel Literature

pp. 82-84

Briefer Mention

Briefer Mention

pp. 85-86

Books Received

Books Received

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