restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, 1983

Table of Contents

Editors' Fence

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"In a mirror that mirrors the soul": Masks and Mirrors in Dorian Gray

pp. 5-15

The Matter of Pater's "Influence" on Bernard Berenson: Setting the Record Straight

pp. 16-22

Hardy's Romantic Diptych: A Reading of A Laodicean and Two on a Tower

pp. 23-34

Encounters with the "White Sphinx": Poe's Influence on Some Early Works of H. G. Wells

pp. 35-51

Book Reviews

Straightforward Treatment of a Major Theme in Kipling's Life and Work

pp. 52-54

A Yea and a Nay for Two Edwardian Studies

pp. 54-56

A Rejoinder by John Batchelor

pp. 56-58

A Well-Reasoned Thesis on Imperialists and Colonialists

pp. 58-60

A Captivating Portrait of a Believable and Fascinating Person

pp. 60-62

Something for Everyone-Forster One Hundred Years After

pp. 62-64

Shaw as Director

pp. 64-66

A Previously Unpublished Memoir

pp. 66-69

Homosexuality: A New Emphasis in the Revised Edition

pp. 69-72

Briefer Mention

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Books Received

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