restricted access   Volume 9, Number 1, 1966

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fence

pp. v-vi


pp. vi-vii

"My First Rehearsal" by George Gissing: An Unpublished Short Story

pp. 2-10

My First Rehearsal

pp. 4-10

"Stage Management in the Irish National Theatre": An Unknown Article by George Moore?

pp. 12-17

Maggie: A New Source for Esther Waters

pp. 18-20

Arthur Symons' "Slovak Gypsy," a "New" Translation

pp. 21-22

The Politics of Dracula

pp. 24-27

The Relationship of Theme and Art in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

pp. 28-32

Saki's Beasts

pp. 33-37

The Ironic Aesthete and the Sponsoring of Causes: A Rhetorical Quandary in Novelistic Technique

pp. 39-43

Lawrence's "Snake" not "Sweet Georgian Brown"

pp. 45-46

A Scholarly Edition of FATHER AND SON

pp. 47-48

Dowson: Legend or Revaluation?

pp. 48-49

Rudyard Kipling: A Readers' Guide

p. 49

A Scottish Knight

pp. 49-51

The Kipling Who Is Being Read

pp. 51-52

Books Received

pp. 53-54