restricted access   Volume 7, Number 4, 1964

Table of Contents

The Editor's Fence

pp. v-vi

Conference 28: Program

p. 193

The Development of Kipling's Prose from 1883 Through "Plain Tales from the Hills"

pp. 194-206

The Aesthetics of Violence

pp. 207-217

ELT Research in Progress: 1965

pp. 218-221

Kipling’s KIM and Co-Existence

pp. 222-227

Arthur Symons and "The Symphony of Snakes"

pp. 228-229

A Reply to Edward Baugh

pp. 229-230

Samuel Butler's Theory of Evolution: A Summary

pp. 230-233

A Window on Joseph Conrad’s Polish Soul

pp. 234-238

Rupert Brooke: Separation of Man and Myth

p. 239

Vanguard's Ford Madox Ford

p. 240

Ford's Fiction: A Simplifying Focus

pp. 241-243

Lawrence's "Self-Substantial Art"

pp. 243-244

A New RYECROFT and the Repetition of Error

pp. 244-245

Kipling: Reappraisal of the Late Style

p. 245

Conrad: A Mixture Warmed Over

p. 246

Selected Victorians

p. 246

Anthologized Dilemma

p. 247

Moody and Lovett: The Eighth Edition

p. 247

A Definitive Edition of Ernest Pontifex

pp. 248-249

Books Received

pp. 250-251