restricted access   Volume 7, Number 1, 1964

Table of Contents


pp. ix-x

The Editor's Fence

pp. v-ix

Wilfred Owen: Fresher Fields than Flanders

pp. 1-7

The Mystery of The Master of Ballantrae

pp. 8-11

ELT Forum

pp. 12-13

George Gissing: An Annotated Bibliography of Writings About Him: Foreign Journals: Supplement II

pp. 14-26

Bibliographies, News, and Notes

pp. 27-34

Les Societes des Savants

pp. 35-37

Arthur Machen: Surface Realities or Essence of Spirit

pp. 38-41

Lawrence's Fiction: Gadfly to the World

pp. 42-43

A Symons Biography: Careless Authoritativeness

pp. 43-44

A Poet Emerges

pp. 45-46

Poets on Poetry

pp. 46-47

Report on Maugham

p. 47

Holmes and His Illustrators

p. 48

A Difficult Terrain: The Peaks

pp. 49-50

Miscellaneous Reviews

pp. 51-53

Reprints and New Editions

pp. 54-56

Books Received

pp. 57-58