free access   Volume 99, Number 4, Fall 2009

Table of Contents

Special Section: Travel

free access   Editor’s Introduction: The Condition of Travel

pp. 437-438

free access   “Remarkable Rather for Its Eloquence than Its Truth”: Modern Travelers Encounter the Holy Land—and Each Other’s Accounts Thereof

pp. 439-464

free access   The Christian Appropriation of Jerusalem in the Fourth Century: The Case of the Bordeaux Pilgrim

pp. 465-486

free access   Beyond Virtually Jewish: New Authenticities and Real Imaginary Spaces in Europe

pp. 487-504

free access   Jews as Postcards, or Postcards as Jews: Mobility in a Modern Genre

pp. 505-546

free access   Kitaj’s Napkin Map

pp. 547-550

Review Essays

free access   3 Maccabees and the Jews of Egypt

pp. 551-557

free access   Why Aren’t Jewish Women Circumcised?

pp. 558-562

free access   Aestheticism, Rationalism, and Esotericism: Medieval Scholarship and Contemporary Polemics

pp. 563-583

free access   Anti-Semitism in Imperial Germany: Cultural Code or Pervasive Prejudice?

pp. 584-593

free access   The Mismeasure of the Jew

pp. 594-602

free access   U.S.—Israel Relations

pp. 603-608


free access   Contributors

p. 609

Books Received

free access   Books Received