restricted access   PAJ 93 (Volume 31, Number 3), September 2009

Table of Contents

The Legacy of Maria Irene Fornes: A Collection of Impressions and Exercises

pp. 1-32

Notes from Taxco, Mexico Workshop, 1998

pp. 6-7

Intar Lab, New York City, November 1984

pp. 7-14

Memory from Padua Hills Playwrights Conference, California, 1983

pp. 14-15

Notes from California State University at Northridge, 1989 and More

pp. 15-16

Notes from Padua Hills Playwrights Conference, California, 1989 and More

pp. 17-20

Mark Taper Forum Theatre, Los Angeles, California, 1990–91

pp. 20-22

Thoughts from Los Angeles, 1992 or 1993

pp. 22-23

Notes from IOWA 1993–94

pp. 23-25

Intar Lab, New York City, 1986–87

pp. 25-28

Intar Lab, New York City, 1986

pp. 29-30

Transmission Arts

Transmission Arts: The Air that Surrounds Us

pp. 33-40


pp. 41-43

Deep Cycle: The Reincarnation of Herman Meydag

pp. 44-45

Transmission Art in the Present Tense

pp. 46-49

Towards a Programmable Transmission Arts Platform

pp. 50-52

June 3, 2123

pp. 53-54

Instructions for Listening to Radio

pp. 55-56

Ryoanji: Solos for Oboe, Flute, Contrabass, Voice, Trombone with Percussion or Orchestral Obbligato (1983–85)

pp. 57-64

Art & Performance Notes

Jan Fabre’s Crusade Against Shopping Culture

pp. 65-73

American Voices: Robert Ashley and New Opera

pp. 74-82

Echoes of Strindberg in Contemporary Chile

pp. 83-91

Are We Human, or Are We Dancer?

pp. 92-97

Their Hands Full of Ghosts: Goat Island at the Last

pp. 98-107

Staging the Image: Video in Contemporary Performance

pp. 108-119