restricted access   Volume 81, Numbers 2-3, April-June 2009

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Demography and Cultural Macroevolution

Edited by James Steele and Stephen Shennan


Introduction: Demography and Cultural Macroevolution

pp. 105-119

Human Dispersals: Mathematical Models and the Archaeological Record

pp. 121-140

Inferring Past Demography Using Spatially Explicit Population Genetic Models

pp. 141-157

Kinship, Marriage, and the Genetics of Past Human Dispersals

pp. 159-179

Demography and Language Competition

pp. 181-210

Cultural Innovations and Demographic Change

pp. 211-235

Modeling Interactions Between Language Evolution and Demography

pp. 237-258

Population Size and Rates of Language Change

pp. 259-274

Archaeological Demography

pp. 275-286

Technological Responses of Neanderthals to Macroclimatic Variations (240,000–40,000 BP)

pp. 287-307

Climate and Demography in Early Prehistory: Using Calibrated 14C Dates as Population Proxies

pp. 309-337

Evolutionary Demography and the Population History of the European Early Neolithic

pp. 339-355

Estimations of Population Density for Selected Periods Between the Neolithic and AD 1800

pp. 357-380

Demography and Archaeology

pp. 381-384