restricted access   Volume 23, Number 3, Fall 2002

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From: Poetics Today

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Special Issue: Doxa and Discourse: How Common Knowledge Works

Notes on Contributors

pp. 579-580


Introduction to the Study of Doxa

pp. 369-394

Doxa in Poetry: A Study of Aristotle's Poetics

pp. 395-426

Barthes and Doxa

pp. 427-442

Received Ideas and Literary Reception: The Functions of Doxa in the Understanding and Evaluation of Texts

pp. 443-464

How to Do Things with Doxa: Toward an Analysis of Argumentation in Discourse

pp. 465-487

Cultural Study, Doxa, Dictionaries: The Case of Jewish Identity

pp. 489-512

Doxa and Cognitive Breaks

pp. 513-537

Doxa and Related Notions: A Selected Annotated Bibliography of Francophone Research

pp. 539-555

New Books at a Glance

Topoi, discours, arguments (review)

pp. 557-563

L'Italie en stereotypes: Analyse de textes touristiques (review)

pp. 563-566

Fonctions du Cliche: Du banal a la violence (review)

pp. 566-570

Declining the Stereotype: Ethnicity and Representation in French Cultures (review)

pp. 570-574

Discours ordinaires et identites juives: La representation des Juifs et du judaisme dans les dictionnaires et les encyclopedies de langue francaise, du Moyen Age au XXe siecle (review)

pp. 574-578