restricted access   Volume 9, Number 1, September 1998

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From: Postmodern Culture

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Editors' Note


The Postcolonial Bazaar: Thoughts on Teaching the Market in Postcolonial Objects

Cybernetymology and -ethics

Poetics, Polemic, and the Question of Intelligibility

A.R. Ammons and "the only terrible health" of Poetics

What We Talk About When We Talk About Poetry: A Recent View from St. Petersburg


Another Country: Amnesia and Memory in Contemporary South Africa

Shaping an African American Literary Canon

Real Virtuality: Slavoj Zizek and 'Post-Ideological' Ideology

The Dyer Straits of Whiteness

The Therapeutic Stage/Page: Facts and Fictions about the Dead to Stir the Living


Ride the Classics

IMAGING EmerAgency: A Conversation with Gregory


Selected Letters from Readers


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Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors