restricted access   Volume 7, Number 1, September 1996

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From: Postmodern Culture

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Jameson's Lacan

Representation Represented: Foucault, Velazquez, Descartes

Special Section
Psychoanalysis and Cultural Studies
Graham Hammill, guest editor

Guides to the Electropolis: Toward a Spectral Critique of the Media

Saving Philosophy in Cultural Studies: The Case of Mother Wit

Poststructuralist Paraesthetics and the Phantasy of the Reversal of Generations

Popular Culture Column




Review Essays

Confessions of a Net surfer: Net chick and grrrls on the Web

"Head out on the highway": anthropological encounters with the supermodern

Review Essay: Brain Opera

Music and noise: marketing hypertexts

(Re)Presenting the Renaissance on a post-modern stage

Multiplicity: una vista de nada

Resistance in rhyme


Selected Letters from Readers


Announcements and Advertisements