restricted access   Volume 4, Number 2, January 1994

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From: Postmodern Culture

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Guest Editor: Glen Scott Allen and Stephen Bernstein

"'To He, I am for Evva True'": Krazy Kat's Indeterminate Gender


Editor's Introduction

DeLillo Cluster
Guest editors: Glen Scott Allen and Stephen Bernstein

Raids on the Conscious: Pynchon's Legacy of Paranoia and the Terrorism of Uncertainty in Don DeLillo's Ratner's Star

The Terrorist as Interpreter: Mao II in Postmodern Context

Libra and the Historical Sublime

The Fable of the Ants: Myopic Interactions in DeLillo's Libra

Poetry Cluster
Guest editors: Tan Lin

Two Poems

One or Two Ghosts for One or Two Lines

Three Poems

Buffalo and Marshmallows

Two Poems

Four Poems

Popular Culture Column:

PMC-Talk Thread:

From: PMC-Talk: Thread: Silber, Strauss, and Post-Democratic Politics in the Academy

Review Essays

Anna Deveare Smith's Voices at Twilight

Queer Bodies of Knowledge: Constructing Lesbian and Gay Studies

A Postmodern Foundation For Political Practice?

Virtual Light

Exaggerated History

Grown-Ups and Fanboys

Malice: The New American Hero

Notices (Announcements and Advertisements)