restricted access   Volume 4, Number 1, September 1993

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From: Postmodern Culture

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"It Dread Inna Inglan": Linton Kwesi Johnson, Dread, and Dub Identity

On the Bull's Horn with Peter Handke: Debates, Failures, Essays, and a Postmodern Livre de Moi

A Schizoanalytic Reading of Baudelaire: The Modernist as Postmodernist

Mapplethorpe's Art: Playing with the Byronic Postmodern

"Another Autumn Refrain" and "Two Thirds of a Second at the Center of the Universe"

That Was Then: This Is Now: Ex-Changing the Phallus

Dynamic and Thermodynamic Tropes of the Subject in Freud and in Deleuze and Guattari

Popular Culture Column

If I Only Had a Brain

Review Essays

Authorizing Memory, Remembering Authority

`Imagining The Unimaginable': J.M. Coetzee, History, and Autobiography

Postmodern Communities: The Politics of Oscillation

Practice, Politique, Postmodernism

Postmodernist Purity

Fear Of Music

Idioculture: De-Massifying the Popular Music Audience

The Sound of the Avant-Garde


Selected Letters from Readers: Connectionism and Its Consequences

Notices (Announcements and Advertisements)