restricted access   Volume 3, Number 1, September 1992

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From: Postmodern Culture

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Mr. Rubenking's "Brekdown"


Remarks, Notes, Introduction and Other Guest-Editorial Texts Prefacing Postmodern Culture's Special Fiction Issue Devoted to Postmodern Fiction



The Titles Sequence from the Adventures Of Lucky Pierre

Five Days of Bleeding

From Birdland

Dressed to Kill Yourself

Attempts on Life

Great Breakthroughs In Darkness (Being, Early Entries From the Secret Encyclopaedia Of Photography)

Incarnations Of The Murderer

Popular Culture Column

PMC Talk

Two Threads: Cladistics and Cut-Ups (Excerpted from the Discussion Group: PMC-talk@ncsuvm, 7/92-8/92)

Review Essays

Bargaincounterculturalcapitalism: Gear and Writhing at the New Music Seminar

The Black (W)hole of Bataille: A Genealogy of Postmodernism?


Postmodern Promos

La Condition McGann

Postmodern Woolf

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