restricted access   Volume 1, Number 3, May 1991

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From: Postmodern Culture

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Self-consuming Fictions: The Dialectics of Cannibalism in Modern Caribbean Narratives

Of AIDS, Cyborgs, and Other Indiscretions: Resurfacing the Body in the Postmodern

Response to Allison Fraiberg's Essay, 'Of AIDS, Cyborgs, and Other Indiscretions' and Fraiberg's reply to Porush

Three Poems

You Say You Want a Revolution? Hypertext and the Laws of Media

Two Moroccan Storytellers in Paul Bowles's Five Eyes: Larbi Layachi and Ahmed Yacoubi

Postmodernism, Ethnicity and Underground Revisionism in Ishmael Reed

Bulldozing the Subject

Popular Culture Column

Popular Culture: From Abject to Object: Women's Bodybuilding

Review Essays

The Many Lives Of The Batman (review)

Jameson's Postmodernism

A Critique of the Post-Althusserian Conception of Ideology in Latin American Cultural Studies

Forked Tongues: Speech, Writing, and Representation in North American Indian Texts


Postface: Positions on Postmodernism

Notices (Announcements and Advertisements)