restricted access   Volume 26, Number 1, April 2002

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From: Philosophy and Literature

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War of the Worldviews

pp. iii-iv


Nietzsche, Proust, and Will-To-Ignorance

pp. 1-23

Emmanuel Levinas and Iris Murdoch: Ethics as Exit?

pp. 24-42

Jack London's Medusa of Truth

pp. 43-56

An American Novelist in the Philosopher King's Court

pp. 57-74

Dramatic Prefiguration in Plato's Republic

pp. 75-83

Irony in the Platonic Dialogues

pp. 84-106

Shakespeare and Political Philosophy

pp. 107-124

Holderlin's Music of Poetic Self-Consciousness

pp. 125-142

The Vicious Habits of Entirely Fictive People: Hume on the Moral Evaluation of Art

pp. 143-156

Symposium: On Ken Burns's Jazz

Jazz: America's Classical Music?

pp. 157-172

Jazz After Jazz : Ken Burns and the Construction of Jazz History

pp. 173-187

On Representing Jazz: An Art Form in Need of Understanding

pp. 188-198

Notes and Fragments

Friendship and Yasmina Reza's Art

pp. 199-206

Poetics of Sentimentality

pp. 207-215

Genre Fiction and "The Origin of The Work of Art"

pp. 216-223


A Hanging Judge

pp. 224-238