restricted access   Volume 22, Number 2, October 1998

Table of Contents

From: Philosophy and Literature

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Special Issue: Raymond Carver

Unconscious Deeps and Empirical Shallows

pp. 271-285

Contingency and Poetics

pp. 286-308

Witnessing Philosophers

pp. 309-327

Queries for Postcolonial Studies

pp. 328-342


Exactly and Responsibly: A Defense of Ethical Criticism

pp. 343-365

Why Banning Ethical Criticism is a Serious Mistake

pp. 366-393

Against Ethical Criticism: Part Two

pp. 394-412

Raymond Carver and Tess Gallagher

Raymond Carver and Tess Gallagher: Introduction

pp. 413-416

Can I Get You Anything?

pp. 417-427

The Favor

pp. 428-437

A Nightshine Beyond Memory: Ten More Years with Ray

pp. 438-456

Between Stories

pp. 457-467

Two Darings

pp. 468-477

Notes and Fragments

Steven Pinker's Cheesecake for the Mind

pp. 478-485

Komar and Melamid Discover Pleistocene Taste

pp. 486-496

Critical Discussion

Multiculturalism and cultural warfare

pp. 497-515


Who Killed Homer?: The Demise of Classical Education and the Recovery of Greek Wisdom (review)

pp. 516-518

Between Doctors and Patients: The Changing Balance of Power (review)

pp. 518-521

Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment (review)

pp. 521-523

Literary Criticism, an Autopsy (review)

pp. 523-526

Exploring the Conversible World: Text and Sociability from the Classical Age to the Enlightenment (review)

pp. 526-529


America's most wanted, and why no one wants it

pp. 530-543