restricted access   Volume 12, Number 2, Spring 2000

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From: Public Culture

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Guest Editor: Jean Comaroff and John L. Comaroff

From the Field

pp. 574-575


Millennial Capitalism: First Thoughts on a Second Coming

pp. 291-343

Millennial Transitions

pp. 344-350

Towards a Critique of Globalcentrism: Speculations on Capitalism's Nature

pp. 351-374

Lived Effects of the Contemporary Economy: Globalization, Inequality, and Consumer Society

pp. 375-409

Freeway to China (Version 2, for Liverpool)

pp. 411-422

Capitalism and Autochthony: The Seesaw of Mobility and Belonging

pp. 423-452

Millennial Coal Face

pp. 453-455

Modernism's Media and the End of Mediumship? On the Aesthetic Economy of Transparency in Thailand

pp. 457-475

Living at the Edge: Religion, Capitalism, and the End of the Nation-State in Taiwan

pp. 477-498

Millenniums Past Cuba's Future

pp. 499-499/

Consuming Geist: Popontology and the Spirit of Capital in Indigenous Australia

pp. 501-528

Cosmopolitanism and the Banality of Geographical Evils

pp. 529-564

Books Received

pp. 565-573