restricted access   Volume 12, Number 1&2, Spring/Summer 2000

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From: American Literary History

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Notes on Contributors

pp. 1-3


Edgar Allan Poe's Eureka and the Poetics of Constitution

pp. 1-40

The Wild, Wild North: Nature Writing, Nationalist Ecologies, and Alaska

pp. 41-78

Robert Lowell's Monumental Vision: History, Form, and the Cultural Work of Postwar American Lyric

pp. 79-112

"The Night Witch Did It": Villainy and Narrative in the Leo Frank Case

pp. 113-129

The Remasculinization of Chinese America: Race, Violence, and the Novel

pp. 130-157

The Gangbanger Autobiography of Monster Kody (aka Sanyika Shakur) and Warrior Literature

pp. 158-186

Sari, Sorry, and the Vortex of History: Calendar Reform, Anachronism, and Language Change in Mason & Dixon

pp. 187-215

Colonial Ethnography and Supernatural Bears

pp. 216-229

Whose Dickinson?

pp. 230-253

Commemorative Stamps

pp. 254-271

Celebrity Watching

pp. 272-283

The Gay Canon

pp. 284-297

Haunted by Mass Culture

pp. 298-317

Reinventing American Religion—Yet Again

pp. 318-326

The Revolution, "In Theory"

pp. 327-336

Wanted: A New World Studies

pp. 337-347

Melville the Poet: Response to William Spengemann

pp. 348-354

Response to Elizabeth Renker

pp. 355-356