restricted access   Volume 15, Number 4, 2009

Table of Contents

Epistemology of the Cloister: Victorian England’s Queer Catholicism

pp. 535-564

Looking for M—: Queer Temporality, Black Political Possibility, and Poetry from the Future

pp. 565-582

Gay Marriage and Pulp Fiction: Homonormativity, Disidentification, and Affect in Ann Bannon’s Lesbian Novels

pp. 583-609

Moving Image Review

Coming to Terms with the In-Between: A Graduate Student Forum on Being Queer in Media Studies

pp. 611-612

To a Queer Degree

pp. 612-615

Queer Mother of Color

pp. 615-617

The Big Sell

pp. 618-619

Already Doing Queer Studies, Still

pp. 620-621

Mapping Queer of Color Methodology

pp. 622-623

Going Both Ways: Being Queer and Academic in Film and Media Studies

pp. 624-625

Book Review

Imagined, Desired: Coming of Age with Queer Ethnographies

pp. 627-641

Books in Brief

The World-Making Practices of Queer Youth

pp. 643-645

Moving Across and Beyond Boundaries

pp. 646-648

Posture of the Phallus

pp. 649-651

New Spellings of “Our” Caribbean(s)

pp. 652-653

Live to Tell

pp. 654-656


About the Contributors

pp. 657-658


Index to Volume 15

pp. 659-664