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  Volume 83, Number 3, Fall 2009

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

p. viii | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0254


Presidential Address: Quarantining Women: Venereal Disease Rapid Treatment Centers in World War II America

pp. 431-459 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0267

The Odd Case of Charles Knowlton: Anatomical Performance, Medical Narrative, and Identity in Antebellum America

pp. 460-498 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0239

Hydropathy at Home: The Water Cure and Domestic Healing in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Britain

pp. 499-529 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0251

European Cloth and “Tropical” Skin: Clothing Material and British Ideas of Health and Hygiene in Tropical Climates

pp. 530-560 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0252

American Association for the History of Medicine: Report of the Eighty-Second Annual Meeting

pp. 561-595 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0258

News and Events

News and Events

pp. 596-599 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0262

Book Reviews

Der Dienst Am Kranken: Krankenversorgung zwischen Caritas, Medizin und Okonomie vom Mittelalter bis zur Neuzeit (review)

pp. 600-601 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0256

History, Medicine, and the Traditions of Renaissance Learning (review)

pp. 601-603 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0242

Andreas Libavius and the Transformation of Alchemy: Separating Chemical Cultures with Polemical Fire (review)

pp. 603-605 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0247

Alchimie et Paracelsisme en France à la fin de la Renaissance (1567–1625) (review)

pp. 605-607 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0248

Écriture et mémoire: Les carnets medico-biologiques de Vallisneri a É. Wolff (review)

pp. 607-609 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0264

Alternative Medicine? A History (review)

pp. 609-611 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0269

Dropsy, Dialysis, Transplant: A Short History of Failing Kidneys (review)

pp. 611-613 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0246

Napoleon and the Woman Question: Discourses of the Other Sex in French Education, Medicine, and Medical Law, 1799–1815 (review)

pp. 613-614 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0255

Theaters of Madness: Insane Asylums and Nineteenth-Century American Culture (review)

pp. 615-616 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0260

The Vaccinators: Smallpox, Medical Knowledge, and the “Opening” of Japan (review)

pp. 616-617 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0243

Hygiene im Namen des Staates: Das Reichsgesundheitsamt 1876–1933 (review)

pp. 617-619 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0244

Curar, sanar y educar: Enfermedad y Sociedad en México, Siglos XIX Y XX (review)

pp. 619-620 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0249

History of the Social Determinants of Health: Global Histories, Contemporary Debates (review)

pp. 620-622 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0261

Colonizing Leprosy: Imperialism and the Politics of Public Health in the United States (review)

pp. 622-623 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0266

Origins of American Health Insurance: A History of Industrial Sickness Funds (review)

pp. 623-625 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0238

L’expérimentation humaine: Discours et pratiques en France 1900–1940 (review)

pp. 625-627 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0270

Heroin: The Treatment of Addiction in Twentieth-century Britain (review)

pp. 627-628 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0250

Mobilizing Minerva: American Women in the First World War (review)

pp. 629-630 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0257

A Cruel Wind: Pandemic Flu in America, 1918–1920 (review)

pp. 631-632 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0241

Shifting Boundaries of Public Health: Europe in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 632-633 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0268

Testing the Limits: Aviation Medicine and the Origins of Manned Space Flight (review)

pp. 634-635 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0240

Medicating Modern America: Prescription Drugs in History (review)

pp. 635-637 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0245

Happy Pills in America: From Miltown to Prozac (review)

pp. 637-638 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0253

Medicine’s Moving Pictures: Medicine, Health, and Bodies in American Film and Television (review)

pp. 639-640 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0259

False Hope: Bone Marrow Transplantation for Breast Cancer (review)

pp. 640-642 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0263

Books Received

Books Received

pp. 643-645 | DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0265

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