restricted access   Volume 32, Number 3, Summer 2001

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From: New Literary History

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pp. v-vii

Music, Voice, Noise

The Enigma of Music, the Voice of Reason: "Music," "Language," and Becoming Human

pp. 451-465

The Decomposing Voice of Postmodern Music

pp. 467-483

Historical Voices

Does Socrates Speak for Plato? Reflections on an Open Question

pp. 485-500

Mouthpieces: Native American Voices in Thomas Harriot's True and Brief Report of. .. Virginia, Gaspar Perez de Villagra's Historia de la Nuevo Mexico, and John Smith's General History of Virginia

pp. 501-517

Vocalization, Voice, and Intent

The Voice in Tourette Syndrome

pp. 519-536

Eruptive Voices: Coprolalia, Malediction, and the Poetics of Cursing

pp. 537-562

The Poetics of Tourette Syndrome: Language, Neurobiology, and Poetry

pp. 563-584

Compulsion as Cure: Contrary Voices in Early Freud

pp. 585-596

Narrative Voices: A Symposium

Understanding as Over-hearing: Towards a Dialogics of Voice

pp. 597-617

New Wine in Old Bottles? Voice, Focalization and New Writing

pp. 619-638

"And the Wind Wheezing Through That Organ Once in a While": Voice, Narrative, Film

pp. 639-657

Comments on the Presentations

Narrative Voice and Agency in Drama: Aspects of a Narratology of Drama

pp. 659-679

Voice and Narration in Postmodern Drama

pp. 681-694

The Cognitive Status of Textual Voice

pp. 695-697

Inhuman Voices

pp. 699-701

Throwing Voices

pp. 703-705

Narrative Voices--Ephemera or Bodied Beings

pp. 707-710

Silence of the Voice

pp. 711-713

Narrative Voice: The Case of Chaucer's Man of Law's Tale

pp. 715-746

Technology, Voice, and Literary Interpretation

T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land, the Gramophone, and the Modernist Discourse Network

pp. 747-768

The Victorian Aura of the Recorded Voice

pp. 769-786

Commentary on "Voice and Human Experience"

Voice to Voice: Reflections on the Art of Conversation

pp. 787-792


pp. 793-795

Books Received

pp. 797-801