restricted access   Volume 40, Number 3, Fall 2009

Table of Contents


A Great Novel in a "Small" Language: Representations of the African Intellectual in the Eritrean Novel Tebereh's Shop

pp. 1-15

A Moroccan Tale of an Outlandish Europe: Ben Jelloun's Departures for a Double Exile

pp. 16-36

White Postcolonial Guilt in Doris Lessing's The Grass Is Singing

pp. 37-47

Writing on Bones: Commemorating Genocide in Boubacar Boris Diop's Murambi

pp. 48-61

Homoeroticism and the Failure of African Nationalism in Ayi Kwei Armah's The Beautyful Ones

pp. 62-73

"Fighting with Proverbs": Kasena Women's (Re)Definition of Female Personhood through Proverbial Jesting

pp. 74-95

A Discursive Representation of Women in Sample Proverbs from Ethiopia, Sudan, and Kenya

pp. 96-108

Singing the Law: Okot p'Bitek's Legal Imagination and the Poetics of Traditional Justice

pp. 109-128

Prison, Poetry, and Polyphony in Abdilatif Abdalla's Sauti ya Dhiki

pp. 129-148

Amandina Lihamba's Gendered Adaptation of Sembene Ousmane's The Money-Order

pp. 149-173

A New Concept of Actor/Audience Interaction and Audience Participation in Modern African Dramatic Theater: An Example of Osofisan

pp. 175-185

The Socialist Romance of the Postcolonial Arabic Novel

pp. 186-205


Joseph Gaï Ramaka: "I am not a filmmaker engagé. I am an ordinary citizen engagé."

pp. 206-219

Review Essay

Public Enemy, Or, Sensing Censorship: Musical Performance and Semiotic Disobedience—Popular Music Censorship in African Music (2006) in Perspective

pp. 220-235

Book Reviews

The Cambridge Introduction to Francophone Literature (review)

pp. 236-237

Emerging Perspectives on Aminata Sow Fall: The Real and the Imaginary in Her Novels (review)

pp. 237-238

Writing from the Hearth: Public, Domestic, and Imaginative Space in Francophone Women's Fiction of Africa and the Caribbean (review)

pp. 238-239

Littératures, savoirs, et enseignement (review)

pp. 240-241

Utenzi, War Poems, and the German Conquest of East Africa: Swahili Poetry as Historical Source (review)

pp. 241-242

India in Africa/Africa in India: Indian Ocean Cosmopolitanisms, and: Afrindian Fictions: Diaspora, Race and National Desire in South Africa (review)

pp. 243-245

Stars and Keys: Folktales and Creolization in the Indian Ocean (review)

pp. 245-246

African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity (review)

pp. 246-247