restricted access   Volume 18, Number 1, 2009

Table of Contents

Cover Article

Constitutional Collapse: The Faulty Founding

pp. 1-11

Symposium: Adrian Vermeule's Mechanisms of Democracy

Handy Gadgets for Institutional Design

pp. 12-15

How Different is Writing Small from Writing Large?

pp. 16-20

The Interaction of Democratic Mechanisms

pp. 21-26

Symposium: Sanford Levinson's Our Undemocratic Constitution

The Word and the World: An Introduction to Levinson’s Our Undemocratic Constitution

pp. 27-28

A Constitution for Our Generation?

pp. 29-34

Running Cars, Constitutions and Metaphors into the Ground

pp. 35-40

Our Undemocratic Constitution—How Bad Really Is It?

pp. 41-45

Ratification Rules and the New (and Old) Constitutional Convention

pp. 46-51

Response to the Symposium

pp. 52-56

Symposium: The Politics of Recognition

Participatory Parity and Self-Realisation

pp. 57-62

Inclusion and the Cultivation of Responsiveness

pp. 63-69

The Politics of ‘Misrecognition’: A Feminist Critique

pp. 70-75

Thompson, Participatory Parity and Self-Realization

pp. 76-78

Recognition, Responsiveness and Misrecognition

pp. 79-81

Book in Review

Review of Michael W. Doyle’s Striking First

pp. 82-84