restricted access   Volume 32, Number 4, Fall 2007

Table of Contents

Author Index/Index des auteurs, Volume 32

pp. iii-iv

Special Readers

p. v

The Authors/Les auteurs

p. ix

Richard Ericson: An Appreciation

pp. xi-xviii

Gendering Work: The Masculinization of Nurse Anesthesia

pp. 429-448

“Securitizing” Canadian Policing: A New Policing Paradigm For the Post 9/11 Security State?

pp. 449-475

The Practice of Defining Markets: A Comment on Charles W. Smith

pp. 477-486

Markets as Definitional Practices: A Comment on Charles W. Smith

pp. 487-490

Marketplaces as Realms of Activity: Arrangements, Ambiguities, and Adjustments: A Comment on Charles W. Smith

pp. 491-501

Continuities in Markets as Definitional Practices: A Response to Aspers, Knorr Cetina, and Prus

pp. 503-510

Book Reviews/Comptes rendus

Cruel but Not Unusual: Violence in Canadian Families (review)

pp. 511-513

Risky Trade: Infectious Disease in the Era of Global Trade (review)

pp. 513-515

Frontiers of Capital: Ethnographic Reflections on the New Economy (review)

pp. 515-517

Obstructed Labour: Race and Gender in the Re-Emergence of Midwifery (review)

pp. 518-520

In the Space of Theory: Postfoundational Geographies of the Nation-State (review)

pp. 520-522

Differences That Matter: Social Policy and the Working Poor in the United States and Canada (review)

pp. 522-524

Democracy (review)

pp. 525-526

The Depth of Shallow Culture: The High Art of Shoes, Movies, Novels, Monsters, and Toys (review)

pp. 527-529

The First Year Out: Understanding American Teens after High School (review)

pp. 529-532

Two Aspirins and a Comedy: How Television Can Enhance Health and Society (review)

pp. 532-534

Sociology Confronts the Holocaust: Memories and Identities in Jewish Diasporas (review)

pp. 534-537

The Sociology of Early Buddhism (review)

pp. 537-540

Books Received/Livres réçus

Books Received/Livres réçus

pp. 541-543