restricted access   Number 29 (Volume 13, Number 2), June 2009

Table of Contents

Guest Editor: Glyne A. Griffith

Preface: Diasporas of the Imagination

pp. vii-x

Blackness Unbound: Interrogating Transnational Blackness

Blackness Unbound: Interrogating Transnational Blackness

pp. 1-3

One and Divisible: Meditations on Global Blackness

pp. 4-25

What Is This Black in Black Diaspora?

pp. 26-38

White but Not Quite: Tones and Overtones of Whiteness in Brazil

pp. 39-56

The Asian Other in the Caribbean

pp. 57-71

Whiteness as War by Other Means: Racial Complexity in an Age of Failed States

pp. 72-89

Where to Find Me

pp. 90-94

“The Unhomely Moment”: Frieda Cassin’s Nineteenth-Century Antiguan Novel and the Construction of the White Creole

pp. 95-106

Deconstructing Jamaican Whiteness: A Diasporic Voice

pp. 107-117

What Do Jamaicans Mean by Ole Negar?

pp. 118-127

Visual Memory

The Photograph as a Receptacle of Memory

pp. 128-134

A Day Off from Dementia

pp. 135-142

The Act of Painting

pp. 143-147

Sonia Boyce and Crop Over

pp. 148-163

What Times Are These?: Visual Art and Social Crisis in Postcolonial Jamaica

pp. 164-184

Book Discussion

African American Memory at the Crossroads: Grounding the Miraculous with Tooy

pp. 185-199

Catching the Wind

pp. 200-209

Travels with Anthropology

pp. 210-217

Further Travels

pp. 218-228



pp. 229-233