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From: Hastings Center Report

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Field Notes

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From the Editor

The FDA and Helsinki

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Another Voice

Exchanging One Hardship for Another

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Wanted, Dead or Alive

pp. 4-6

Franklin Miller and Robert Truog reply

p. 6

At Law

Prenatal Testing and Disability: A Truce in the Culture Wars?

pp. 7-8

Policy and Politics

Sea Change on Financial Conflicts of Interest in Health Care?

pp. 9-10


Ethics and Population

pp. 11-13

Behavior Control: From the Brain to the Mind

pp. 13-16

The Evolution of Death and Dying Controversies

pp. 16-19

Deciphering Genetics

pp. 19-22

Judging Octomom

pp. 23-25

More than a Village: Meeting the Health Care Needs of Multiples

pp. 25-26

The Octuplet Case—Why More Regulation Is Not Likely

pp. 26-28

Conversations with Kidney Vendors in Pakistan: An Ethnographic Study

pp. 29-44


Communicating Consent

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The Hastings Center at Forty

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