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From: Meridians: feminism, race, transnationalism

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pp. v-vi

Erratum in Meridians 8 no.2:43

p. vii


The Formation of a Chinese Immigrant Working-class Patriarchy: Reinventing Gendered Expectations within the Structural Confines of U.S. Society

pp. 31-60

An African Queen at the Philadelphia Centennial Exposition 1876: Edmonia Lewis's The Death of Cleopatra

pp. 62-82

Queering Puerto Rican Women's Narratives: Gaps and Silences in the Memoirs of Antonia Pantoja and Luisita López Torregrosa

pp. 83-112

Ghostwriting Transnational Histories in Michelle Cliff's Free Enterprise

pp. 114-139

Birthed and Buried: Matrilineal History in Michelle Cliff's No Telephone to Heaven

pp. 141-162

In the Trenches

Maroon Abolitionists: Black Gender-oppressed Activists in the Anti-Prison Movement in the U.S. and Canada

pp. 1-29

Culture Works

How I Put Myself through School

p. 30

Hollyhock in Caliche Silence

p. 61

Shamed Angels

p. 113

Forgiveness from Malintzin

p. 140

From the Archives: 2008 US Election

What's Race Gotta Do With It? – November 2008

pp. 163-173

She Ain't Oprah, Angela, or Your Baby Mama: The Michelle O Enigma

pp. 174-176

An Ocean of Heart

pp. 177-182

Lest We Forget: An Open Letter to My Sisters Who Are Brave

pp. 183-188


About the Contributors

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Guidelines for Contributors

Guidelines for Contributors

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