restricted access   Volume 29, Number 1, Winter-Spring 2009

Table of Contents


pp. 1-2

Cities in Internal Affairs

Cities in Today’s Global Age

pp. 3-34

Extreme Thinking About Slums and Slum Dwellers: A Critique

pp. 35-48

Neoliberal Urbanism: Models, Moments, Mutations

pp. 49-66

City Politics

Options for the Capital of a Reunified Korea

pp. 67-77

Global Political Cities as Actors in Twenty-First Century International Affairs

pp. 79-96

Of Note: Bloggers as Actors in International Affairs?

pp. 99-100

Water for the Urban Poor: Integrated Solutions

pp. 101-107

Of Note: To Whom It Speaks: Cities, Poverty, and Terrorism

pp. 109-111

Of Note: Peace over Water?

pp. 113-114

Reviewing Cities

Negotiating Lagos: Viewing Lagos Wide & Close

pp. 115-120

Urban Revolution and Social Change in Contemporary China

pp. 121-127

The SAIS Review Prize

Income Inequality and Fiscal Policy Reform in China

pp. 129-139

Photo Essay Digging Deep: Community Driven Development and the Uganda Village Project

pp. 141-157

A Region in Review

pp. 159-162


The UN: Lost in Quotations?

pp. 163-165

The Tenacity of Hope: Finally Reaching the Poorest?

pp. 167-169

The Indian Democratic Miracle: Model for 21st Century Nation States

pp. 171-173